Sep 23, 2007
Movin' On
I just wanted to let you know that I have moved The Park to a different manufacturer. If you have me linked on your site, you will need to change it to

If you haven't been to my "old" site in awhile come on over and see what you have been missing.



Sep 21, 2007
Things I Know on a Friday
It's Friday...WOO HOO!!! I haven't look forward to a Friday in a long time. It's been quite a rough week for me.

I don't know what to talk about right here are some things I know today.

1. I know that I am tired of Junior Watch 2007. I know there has been a lot of changes with him, but let's move on.

2. I know Sponge Bob in my office really hates the plastic flamingos. I think two of them over plotting to over take the world.

3. I know that I hate it when people ask completely stupid questions. Like, are you a NASCAR fan? I am not kidding one this one. Look at my car, my office, my home, and hello the Tony Stewart t-shirt I am wearing. Here's your sign...

4. Men can be the biggest babies and pains in the butt. I am still trying to understand what's up with that. I guess I should ask one of them and maybe they could explain it to me. Of course, they probably can't explain it either. But I still love them.

5. I know that riding in the back of a Ford Pinto with my feet outside the driver's side window will cause one to fall on the butt when the driver slams on his brakes. Thanks Shane!

6. I know that my 20th high school reunion is next summer. Rock on Class of 1988!

7. I know that Richard will ALWAYS pick Matt Kenseth for his Driver Draft pick if available.

8. Now matter what I how much I want to leave work on a Friday and get home to start the weekend, I always get behind the complete idiot who doesn't understand the concept of speed limit.

9. I know fair food is delicious. Bring on the funnel cakes, corn dogs, and turkey legs. YUM!!!

And finally...

10. I know this is probably the stupidest post I have done, but's what I know.

Have a great weekend!


Sep 19, 2007
Drum Roll Please...
The wait is over--finally we all now know whatever one else knows.

Announced Tuesday...

And's annoucement...

Now that all of this has been settled...let's get back to racing.


Out There

I would like to say a little "I'm there for ya" to one of my buds who is going through a tough time.

And in honor of that I would like to post one of my favorite pictures of my Super Bowl attendees from this year's Super Bowl. Every time I look at it I smile.

Hang in there.


Sep 17, 2007
Chase Race 1: New Hampshire
I am raising my glass of Jack Daniels to congratulate Clint Bowyer. Before yesterday he was the only Chaser who had not won all year long. Well, I guess he took care of that yesterday. Clint dominated the race by starting on point and just taking over the race. He went from 12 the to 4th in the standings and only 15 points behind leader Jimmie Johnson. What a great way to start off the Chase.
Tony finished a solid 3rd yesterday. I remarked to Postman yesterday that in 2005 when he won it all, he won Indy. Does this bode well for Smoke this year? I hope so.
Here is how the Chasers finished yesterday, where there are in the points standings, and how far back from the leader.
1. Jimmie Johnson 6th
2. Jeff Gordon 2nd
3. Tony Stewart 3rd -10
4. Clint Bowyer 1st -15
5. Kyle Busch 4th -35
6. Martin Truex 5th -40
7. Matt Kenseth 7th -54
8. Carl Edwards 12th -63
9. Denny Hamlin 15th -82
10. Kevin Harvick 17th -88
11. Jeff Burton 18th -91
12. Kurt Busch 25th -102
I am hoping this will shape up to be an exciting Chase. I still am standing by my dark horse pick of Kyle Busch. There are still 9 races left in this thing and you know anything can happen. I have a feeling Talladega will shake it up a bit once the Chase gets there in a few weeks.
Next week onto Dover.
Announcements this week...
1. Kasey Kahne will now be the face of Budweiser. Taking the place of Dale Jr. who will be at HMS next year with a new sponsor and number.
2. The wait will be finally over this week...we will all finally know who will sponsor Dale and what his number is. Thank you. Now perhaps we can all move onto other things. Junior watch 2007 is officially over.
Now for the other sports news of the weekend
NCAA Football
1. Michigan vs Notre Dame--Michigan finally won. I would have at least thought Notre Dame would have put up something on the scoreboard.
2. USC vs Nebraska--I really was hoping this would have been a decent game, but alas it wasn't up to the task. I still don't like USC, but they showed why the have the #1 ranking.
3. Texas vs Central Florida--I REALLY wanted CFU to win. I don't care if UT is representing the home state, I don't like Texas.
4. Texas Tech vs Rice--This wasn't pretty. I watched the WONDERFUL television coverage (sarcastic tone here) and even though they were in Houston, with all the red there you would have thought they were playing in Lubbock. This week Tech will be tested when we head to Stillwater, OK to play to the OSU Cowboys. OSU got beat pretty handily by Troy this weekend.
NFL Football
1. Cowboys looked good. They are 2-0. Keep it up Boys!
2. Colts scraped by the Titans
3. And finally, the whole thing with the Patriots. He should have been suspended. He is too good of a coach to be doing this. And the fact that EVERY TEAM was told prior to the start of the season, this was ILLEGAL. Um...does this sound familiar (i.e. COT)? I believe the Pats are a good team and they didn't need to do this. I mean come on...3 time Super Bowl champs. And you have dominated the first two games of the season.
Oh well...that's all for now. Have a great week everyone!


Sep 13, 2007
I Don't Know
Is it wrong of me to be happy for someone but yet not? I know this may sound weird, but that's how it's going right now.

I can relate to this little kid in the picture. What am I waiting for?

I guess the train that never comes.

Sep 11, 2007
Always remember...